Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Monthly Favorites: September 2013

Hope you are all doing well its the second of one of my favorites months of the year OCTOBER, is just everything of this month that I just love.  My little one specially loves this month because she gets to get all dressed up for Halloween and my godsons birthday party for which we are really excited for. I decided that I would limit my monthly favorites to the two items that I have used the month during the month,  to me a favorite has to be an item that you used practically all month long. I love my Lorac Pro Pallet I seriously have used it every single day this month and I'm sure that I will continue to used it for the rest of  Fall and Winter.  The NYC Liquid Liner in Black I swear by this eyeliner is the Blackest Black that I have ever used, I had not used liquid liner in probably four years but this one is amazing and it's so inexpensive.

Love this items what are the items you are loving this month?