Saturday, October 19, 2013

Michael Todd Acne or Oily Sentitive Skin Regimen: Day One

To start let me give you a little back ground of my skin:

I have Oily combination with a very oily t-zone, I have some what sensitive skin since there is some products that will cause an allergic reaction but at the same time I can exfoliate my skin every day twice a day without it getting dried or damaged.  

Purchase the complete system: (Here)

 Why I choose this system: 

This system was something that I considered because its something that I hadn't tried and believe me I have used anything and everything from Proactive to Drugstore and nothing has really worked I would consistently have to change products because my skin will get used to them really fast.  I did get a sample of the Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub in one of my Ipsy Bag. At that time that I was using the scrub along with another cleanser my skin was the most clear I had seen it in a while.  To be honest with you I choose the system because  of the scrub.  

First Impressions: 

Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser: 
Gently Removes dirt,oil, makeup and impurities without residue or irritation

* Removes all my face makeup with out having to scrub 
* This really gets inside my pores and makes them feel clean
* One pump is more than enough 
* Love the Citrus Scent 

Jojoba Charcoal Scrub: 
Exfoliates/Removes Impurities for all skin types

* It takes off all the dead skin away
* Very gentle on the skin 
* Love the Citrus Scent 

Kaolin Clay Detoxifying Mask
Extra absorbent 

* It feels very cooling on the skin 
* Skin feels clean and very refreshed after you washed it off
* It was on my skin for 15 Min (as indicated) 
* Used it as a spot treatment and noticed that it dried out the Pimple

Blue Green Algae Antibacterial Toner:
Highly moisturizing anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial for all skin types

* Took away the whatever was left on my skin after the cleanser,scrub and the face mask 
* I didn't notice anything different than any other toner
* Scent is very strong (very old man like) 

Antioxidant Carrot Serum: 
Repairs and prevent future skin damage 

* Sinks into the skin easily
* Scent is very light but once applied on the skin it becomes stronger

Overall Thoughts: 

I love the way this system makes my skin feel, it calms down the redness and the bumps that I may have have significantly gone down.  I'm so in love with the gel cleanser I really like the way it removes all my face makeup and combined with the Scrub my skin feel amazingly clean.  The toner is the one thing that I have not yet seem to find anything that makes it unique keeping in mind that I have only used this system for 2 days maybe in a couple of days I'll notice something.  I also really enjoy the mask I used it the first day as indicated and it felt like it did pull out all impurities that I had, the second day I used it as a spot treatment and it did dry out some on the pimples that I treated.  The serum is very nice I don't feel the need to add a moisturizer afterwards since it gives me the right amount of moisture at night during the day I do use my Cetafyl Moisturizer. 

I will continue to use this and will update you after a month or so and show you an after picture like the one above. 

Thanks for reading, 

(I had been breaking out so bad for the past 2 months, even though I've been struggling  with acne for years it still messes with my head and affects my self esteem. )


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