Monday, February 9, 2015

Review: Degree Motionsense Dry Spray Fresh Energy

Degree Motionsense Dry Spray Fresh Energy

Company Claims: 

This powerful dry spray antiperspirant goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel. Now with Degree’s breakthrough MOTIONSENSE™ Technology, it even responds directly to your body movement, releasing extra protection when you move to last for longer.


No Dry Time 
Less Residue 
Non Sticky 
No White Marks
Loved the Scent  
Great odor Protection 
No reaction to any type of material

(My normal deodorant has a reaction to jean material)


The scent penetrates the room and its hard not to breath it 
I also felt like it made my underarms dark 

(previously using Dove Go Sleeveless) 


I personally have a strong odor in the past I've had to use clinical grade deodorant, as of the past year I have been able to use just regular deodorant.  I love the concept behind this product it allows you to put on clothes right away and not worry about drying time or dry marks on your clothes, I also noticed that I have less resedue left on my underarms and I did with my Dove Go Sleeveless.  The only down fall with this product is that I felt that it made my underarms darker, the apposite of my what I was previously using which helped lighten them.  

(I will be purchasing the Dove Clear Tone Skin Renew Dry antiperspirant and I will let you know how that one works for me.)

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