Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Importance Of Eyebrows


Eyebrow Products:

 Hip Color Truth Cream Liner in Brown, L'oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner  in Blackest Black,
Wet & Wild Fergi Center Stage Collection in Desert Festival ( Dark Matte Brown) 

You may have noticed that I really love to define my brows, I think that they are the most important part of my routine.  You see the brows are the focal point of the face they define the face, they add structure and most important they complete a you eye look.  As you can see in the pictures above I don't have a full brow with the perfect shape (I'm actually in the process of growing them out after a horrible threading job) so I defiantly have to fill them in using three different products.  It is hard choosing the colors that I out on my eyebrows because they are naturally black, therefore any other color would make them look unnatural.  I have to use a color that is a really dark brown almost black and fade it in to make them appear natural. I also like to pay attention to the shape that I give them, although it's hard to understand that brows are not suppose to be twins they are to be sisters.  Lately I have been liking a more straight shape with a thicker fuller looking brow, and that seems to be working for me. 

Here (video) is a link to one of my favorite videos that really goes in to depth about eyebrows and its shapes, It has really helped me in understanding what works for me and its from one of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus who I have been following for years Michelle Phan. 
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