Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Michael Todd True Organics: Update

I have been using system for about 16 days already and to be hones my skin has been breaking out so bad. My breakouts have not been the normal white heads that I usually get instead I have really bad cystic acne and they hurt so bad. I also felt my skin drying out without any hydration what so ever, even though I was using the serum plus my regular moisterizer.  After about 12 days I stopped you using the Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser it was just horrible my skin was worse than it had ever been.  My self esteem was on the ground I was in tears by the 10th day I couldn't anything else but the complete system, I E-Mailed Customer Service and after a couple of questions and talking back and forth they recommended that I stop using the Cleanser.  They were really nice and asked me to return the Cleanser to exchange it for the Honey and Oat Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser because it would be gentler on my skin.  The explanition that they gave me was that the Charcoal Cleanser was too harsh for my skin and was drying it to the point of causing my horrible breakouts.  I should receive my new cleanser by next week because it wont be shipped out until Friday I will try the new one out and will update you in about 2 weeks.  

As far as the rest of the system I dont feel like it causes any of my breakouts, they are very gentle and since I stopped using the Cleanser my breakout have been less and less everyday.  My favorite two steps of the system are the Exfoliator and the Toner together they make my skin feel amazingly clean. 

Like I mentioned before in about two weeks I will have and update with a picture and a comparison to the first picture I took the day I began using the system (you can check it out here)

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